Top tips from our experts

Healthy drainsGood drain habits are crucial to keep the health of your drains in the right way. So here are some tips from the Blocked Drain Bath team.

We’ve plenty of experience at looking at the things which are the culprits of blocks when clearing them.

Don’t chuck nappies and sanitary products in the toilet. You may think it doesn’t happen, but we’ve seen a countless number of this type of products as the main cause for a block.

We advise

To keep from clogging the kitchen, avoid pouring down fat, oil and ensure that large pieces of food doesn’t get forced down. We would also advise against flushing cotton ear buds.

And we are against flushing wet wipes.  Even the kind that state on the package that they are flushable is better to avoid flushing too.

Every pipe and drain has it’s limits. You can’t keep flushing down the toilet things that are not decomposing fast enough. And that relates to washing down food waste in the kitchen sink too.

Don’t create a blockage in one month

Even the coffee grounds do not decompose fast enough to be washed down the sink. Have you ever counted how many cups of coffee you drink in a month?

How many grams of coffee grounds that would be? I can only tell you that it is too much for the limits of your drains. Use the bin for your food waste and the coffee grounds too.

The material is still of a type that doesn’t degrade quickly enough to not cause danger to your pipes. Some systems are equipped to handle this type of capacity, but there are certainly many which don’t have the structure to support it.

Assistance is here

Finally, if ever in doubt, always use the bin over your drains. This way you always keep clogs away.

If you have questions or if there is a drain issue that you are currently in need of assistance with, we are ready for your call, we welcome both your call and your questions.